Affordable Large Framed Mirrors Diy

Antique Large Framed Mirrors

Large framed mirrors – The mirrors are a good decorative element that fits well in any room. You can create original frames for them by reusing different objects that you would normally throw away. Did you think that the matches did not work anymore after using them? Put them together to make this frame. As in the previous options, use a base of cardboard or wood and stick them around the mirror from the inside out. You can use the burned part to play with light and dark tones and create original drawings.

Stick metal bottle caps onto a cardboard or wooden base using a hot glue gun, is one of cheap large framed mirrors. As they will not cover the entire surface, you can paint the base of the color that you like before you start. You can also paint the corkboard with spray if you do not like to see the brands of the drinks. For a more original design, create an irregular border.

Remove the neck and the base to the bottles. Cut the body of the same into strips of approximately the same thickness and use them to form different figures. To add them to the contour of the mirror, make them a small cross section and glue them with two-sided tape, your simple large framed mirrors are done!

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