Affordable Plastic Carpet Protector

Flooring Plastic Carpet Protector

Plastic carpet protector – Today there are no problems because always, for these things, there is a solution and not too expensive. If it has happened to me and you have tried to put all kinds of carpets or mats but without achieving success, then you need only a floor protector. We can give the protectors a double use. On the one hand they will be placed on the ground directly, something of the most simple and original since we will not have to add carpet.

Only with plastic carpet protector we will be taking care of our wooden floor and we can move as long as we want with the office chair . It is a simple and inexpensive decoration that you can find in decoration stores like Ikea, for a price of around 20 euros. Of course there are different sizes always to suit the needs of each.

In addition to being able to add them to the floor as we are seeing in the photos, there is another possibility and that is, if you have found that perfect carpet for a room like this and you do not want to spoil it, you can place this plastic carpet protector over it and in this way it will be same effect.

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