Beautiful Own Custom Computer Desk

Best Custom Computer Desk

Custom computer desk – The other day I saw myself in task of making a desk to work at home. I did not want to buy one, I wanted to do it myself; and in end I decided to make one with a pair of easels of pine wood and a wooden envelope, also pine, but this one with pickled or aged effect. If you do not know very well what I’m talking about, here you can see this beautiful effect to paint a piece of furniture, white, with an aged effect.

This is a very simple way to make a custom computer desk. We only need a shelf, similar to those in ikea Lack series, and anchor it firmly to wall to enjoy a desk of this style. To install a shelf of this type, it is convenient to do it with squares instead of their own anchors, since, being a desk; it has to support a lot of weight: our body to lean at times, computer, books, etc…

And perhaps anchors that bring these desks do not adequately support weight. Even so, last word is yours. This type of custom computer desk comes great for places where there is little space since they are flown desks that do not require legs and occupy very little space. Naturally we can use another type of shelf to find our own style, if minimalist style or that particular design, similar to that of ikea Lack series, we do not like it.

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