Create Comfortable Bookshelf Desk

Bookshelf Desk Corner

Bookshelf  desk – It seems that lately the thing goes of shelves that want to be something else. If the other day we showed you a small shelf that hid space to store valuables, today we show you a bookshelf that becomes a comfortable desk . It seems an incredible decorative element, but it can also be very practical for small spaces in which we want to take advantage of to create a small corner of work.

For the fans of reading we have thought today since we are going to present to you the best ideas of shelves for your home. From bright shelves built into stairs or walls to floor-to-ceiling libraries, these shelving ideas for living rooms, studios and beyond are as inspiring as the volumes that fill them. You will see the best ideas to create a corner for books on your own. The bookshelf desk is fine in any room of the house.

In general, shelves are an important part of the design in every home. For them to look at a high decorative level they must be ordered. If possible, a little clear and simple. A very innovative thing is the folding bookshelf is very practical because you can organize the bookshelf desk in an interesting way, as you can see in these photos can be set where you like and used in horizontal or vertical position.

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