Creative Ways To Decorate Narrow Bookshelf

Book Cases On Wall

You can completely transform image of narrow bookshelf with a single can of paint. Taking as a reference color of paint you have on wall of room, choose two darker shades of same color and paint background wall of shelf of that tone. If you want to add texture, try painting background wall with wide vertical stripes of two different shades. Use painter’s tape of width you want to paint stripes easily.

Part of charm of a bookcase is in how you put books, so do not limit yourself to putting them all vertically or in thematic order or from higher to lower. I always start by putting a row of books in vertical but of same height and intercalo with books, also of a similar size, stacked horizontally. In addition to size, take into account predominant color on backs of books.

In addition to books, shelves are perfect place to display   individually framed photographs and small decorative objects … especially those that have a special meaning for you. Choose carefully frame of photos, taking advantage of combining modern frames of vibrant colors with more traditional ones in metallic finishes. Among decorative objects, my favorites are most unexpected. For example, decorate with an old teacup or with that little musical instrument that you brought from a trip.

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