Did You See The Unfinished Bookcases?

Staining Unfinished Bookcases

Unfinished bookcases – For book lovers like me, bookstores are indispensable furniture that cannot be missing in any of the rooms of our home. One of the rooms where bookstores are most common is the living room.  An example to have a bookstore in the living room in those rooms with high ceilings is to place the bookshelf in the highest part, being able to arrive only with the use of a staircase. This formula will allow us to save space and keep our books well-kept.

If you do not have space to store books, why not have a coffee table that in turn also stores books inside? It is a perfect idea for small rooms. An unfinished bookcases that does not occupy the entire wall is perfect for storing books in the living room. In this way we will not occupy much space and we will have the upper part of the wall free.

We can also use a shelf to separate different rooms between rooms. This type of shelves usually occupies space down to the ceiling and looks great. We can alternate the books with ornaments to give style to our living room. Placing unfinished bookcases on either side of the fireplace is a good way to distribute the elements of our living room. In this case, the wooden shelves occupy all the space that goes from the chimney to the wall, making the most of the space.

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