Do You Need Special Tall Desk?

Adjustable Tall Desk

Tall desk – Do you need special furniture? This is the good news: in most cases, it is not necessary to use special or particularly expensive furniture. Back pain is often closely linked to bad postures for days, weeks, months. In most cases, just adjust the chair and table correctly and work on your own posture. The armrests have a correct height if the shoulders are placed in such a way that the forearm and the arm form a right angle.

During work, the armrests and the desk should be the same height. If the desk is adjustable, it’s not a problem. If the table is too small, it can be supported, and if the tall desk is too high, the chair should be adjusted. If these solutions do not solve the problem, you can use footrests.

Use the result of the calculator as a starting point, and adjust the tall desk to that height. Then come the precise adjustments. The table should be just the right height so that the elbows and forearms are straight when placed on the table. If the table is too low, this causes an unnatural curvature in the spine. If, however, the table is too high, the shoulder girdle moves upward and causes tension in the neck and neck muscles during work.

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