Easy And Fun Superhero Wall Decals

Amazing Superhero Wall Decals

Superhero wall decals – Making cardboard toys is something that kids love and also encourages creativity. This idea of ​​making a wall of superheroes with cardboard boxes has enchanted me and I am sure that the most fans of these characters will seem like a very fun idea to play at home. We will need cardboard boxes of various sizes to make this brick wall, in addition to red and black tempera, brushes, glue and a little imagination.

Ideas superhero wall decals, easy and fun cardboard toys to make with your kids! The first thing is to prepare the work area so as not to stain and assemble the boxes with glue, preferably silicone that dries quickly. When the glue paints a layer of red on all sides of the box and lets it dry.

Once the red paint is dry, stack the boxes in a wall shape and use the black paint to make lines that look like bricks on the front of the boxes. Let it dry while your kids put on their costumes to demonstrate their super powers! Now we leave you with our images of superhero wall decals so you see that well stay in your home.

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