Eco Friendly Ideas For Design Unfinished Bar Stools

Grey Unfinished Bar Stools

Unfinished bar stools – Today, we want to present a wide range of proposals, if your thing is not bricolage or paint and color, this book of ideas will leave you speechless. We present a selection of ten curious stools that have come to life thanks to eco-ideas based on the reuse of materials. In addition, we could not think of a better showcase than a collection of stools to reflect our love for the eco-friendly, a versatile element adapted to modern life and that takes strength in our homes.

If you are also one of those who continue to place the unfinished bar stools around a kitchen island, forget it. For example consists of a sturdy carved wooden seat with a cavity that makes it on par with magazine or bookcase. A wonderful addition to the living room where we can leave our books and receive visitors. A ‘two in one’ made with natural materials.

Pallets also on stools! The eco-ideas with pallets could not be more fashionable, we can find a multitude of ingenious ideas based on these practical wooden structures. Armchairs, planters, box springs, tables; the options seem never to end. Well, now it’s time for the stools. It is simple but functional designs under the premise ‘do not let more trees be cut to decorate your house’. Unfinished bar stools made of treated pallet wood, being able to choose between different sizes and finishes.

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