Ever Heard Talk About Design Of Sapien Bookcase?

Cool Sapien Bookcase

Sapien bookcase – I need a bookcase for all my books. I really thought about just stacking them up until day I find right rack for right price. But then I encountered this smart bookcase called Sapien, which keeps books in stacks, but with shelves to make it easier to grab books at bottom of stack. Shelves can be moved to fit individual stack books. Each shelf is only 2mm thick so you almost do not see them when bookcase is full of books, but they are strong enough to hold about 5 books each.

Sapien bookcase, designed by Bruno Rainaldi, have open sides and a minimalist design that make them popular in homes with modern and contemporary design aesthetics. Painting a Sapien bookshelf will help it fit into your new decor or make it look new and untouched. Choose oil paint and primers specially formulated for metal surfaces.

Dip a small paint roller into paint and roll most of it into a paint tray. Roll over large areas on bookshelf that works from top of sapien bookcase to bottom. Roll paint in one stroke and smooth it over with another. Do not roll over an area more than this as this may cause air bubbles and a rough surface. Continue until you have covered all large surfaces with a thin but even coating of paint.

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