Inexpensive And Stylish Extra Long Curtain Rods

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Large windows are desirable features in any home. They allow more light to enter and become focal points that are their own. However, many houses do not have large windows, so the market caters to average windows. Finding extra long curtain rods hardware can be difficult and expensive if customized. Instead of going the usual route, choose imaginative materials to make your own inexpensive and stylish curtain rods from the unexpected items found in many hardware stores.

Pin bars are available in extra long lengths and variable thicknesses at home improvement centers, take note of decorating secrets. It is often used to hang the bars in the cabinets, the spikes are resistant and can be dyed and finished, painted or left uncovered. Attach the three U-shaped hanging brackets on the wall to support the rod for minimal installation complications that allows you to simply set the rod in the curved U-section of each bracket.

Addition of ends at the ends is simple. Since pegs are made of solid wood, any commercial florón with a built-in screw is twisted at the end. Be sure to drill a pilot hole first to avoid splintering the wood. Other decorative objects can be attached to the ends with glue, but make sure they are small enough to allow the installation or removal of curtains. Tab-top curtains have wider openings for larger tops.

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