Look Spectacular Lucite Bar Stools

Lucite Bar Stools Back

In addition to being integrated into the rooms, the lucite bar stools can also be complements of these; in that way they give them variety and enhance the decoration of the space. This is what happens with this bench stool that has a strong presence in the room. And is that, in addition to its size, its exquisite design draws attention. Lined with velvety fabric and in capuccino color, decorated at the base, the stool looks quite elegant.

Beside lucite bar stools, Turkish stools are the most used in the room. These are generally short and have geometric shapes: round or square. Currently, they are integrated into the designs of modern rooms, including, as center tables or laterals. A room of minimalist style, with very small legs, which make the room look more comfortable. With broad and square shapes. Here the stools function as center and side tables.

They are integrated into the room, with the same design and color, which gives uniformity to the space. The fabric cover gives a touch of sophistication.  For example, two lucite bar stools in the center of the room look spectacular, greatly enhancing the decoration of the space. With wooden base and covered in leather look pretty elegant. In addition, the white color of the seats contrasts great with the gray room and gives light to the space.

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