Original And Colorful Bohemian Shower Curtain

Bohemian Shower Curtain Bird

Bohemian shower curtain – When it comes to decorating the bathroom you have to pay attention to multiple details. From the style of the tiles to the correct selection of accessories, through some beautiful accessories to take advantage. Do you want to see an original design? Why not use bright colors? In this article we show you the bohemian style of your space. An original and colorful style, and is ideal for lovers of cheerful spaces. To make a bohemian bath you must be careful not to exaggerate with the colors and textures. Add only some peculiar tiles, a shower curtain, green plants and accessories.

Combine the bohemian shower curtain with another style: rustic, romantic, feminine, minimalist or classic. Outside the tropics, the illustrations make it possible to recreate any place: waves or anchors for a marine decoration, exotic designs emulating East Asia for the taste of the most bohemian, they roam freely in the showers of the Middle West.

Simple, without fuss, usually in white or translucent, smooth curtains either in plastic or fabric try to go unnoticed to center the decoration in the rest of the bathroom. The white, the raw tones or the pearl gray bohemian shower curtain, as well as the smooth textures are the most appropriate if we want a simple and luminous bath or highlight other elements of its decoration. Look at the following images and have fun!

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