Plentiful Mission Style Desk

Mission Style Desk And Chairs

A mission style desk is a heavy, rectangular or square piece of furniture made to contain beverages and other items in a living room. Mission style furniture, including tables, is typically plentiful, straight-lined and rustic in appearance. Both a mission-style table as well as seats made for a living room is distinctive in style, as they commonly feature rows of posts, or spindles.

Spindles on a mission style desk usually appear on both sides. They can be thick or thin, as well as space either far or near. Some designs of Mission style table have axes through all of sides, while others have them only in centers, leaving tips open. Spindles placed close together can form a lower shelf. Sometimes, wooden slats or solid wood can be used for a table bottom shelf.

Cross strips of wood joined in patterns on spindles are common. Apart from these decorative wooden cross strips, ornaments in mission style furniture are usually nonexistent. Wood shades used for hand art, or normally today, we mass produce, a mission style desk range of light without finishing to dark stained. Oak and birch are two classic woods used for these pieces, but many other types of wood can also be made in Mission-style tables, seating, dining tables and much more.

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