Simple Bathroom Corner Cabinet

Bathroom Corner Cabinet And Sink

The bathroom corner cabinet and sink are the monstrous duo that corners you in a corner every time you enter your tiny bathroom. Although there are many small bathrooms, toilets and sinks are limited – they should be large enough to be functional, but this often means that they take up most of the space in the middle of your bathroom, the one that is not occupied by the bathtub or the shower tray.

When possible, try a corner vanity and sink. If the current location of the existing pipes makes this impossible, go for a simple pedestal sink, chosen with the ideal width and depth, and put a shallow bathroom corner cabinet with mirror on top. The small corner cabinets or above the toilet are space-saving that can compensate for the space you lose by getting rid of that bulky dresser.

Try different design elements to get bathroom corner cabinet design ideas for small bathrooms. For the smallest things, you can always buy them with the intention of returning them if you realize that it was not what you wanted when you get home. For the toilet, sink and shower, be sure to measure everything carefully and bring the tape measure to your trusted hardware store or furniture store. In addition, a simple floor plan with grid is always very useful to put things in place.

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