Sophisticated And Idiosyncratic Shabby Chic Rugs

Ivory Shabby Chic Rugs

Shabby chic rugs – The shabby chic style consists of the combination of decorative elements or modern contemporary furniture with others that are old used and restored. The shabby chic inspired by the idea of ​​commemorating the romantic past and achieving a global elegant effect by recycling old furniture and fabrics. These decorating ideas have as their fundamental purpose to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere inspired by happy memories.

It is a form of design that permeates the softness of femininity, the harmony of the pastel color and the charm of the old elements. Shabby chic rugs are distinguished by the use of light colors such as pink and blue water although we cannot forget that white is the key element. It is also used a lot of sophisticated elegant and idiosyncratic capricious style wall paper the most used flower print.

On the other hand, the simplest way to decorate can also be very appropriate for these shabby chic style bedrooms. Also you have to keep in mind that light tones will be very appropriate to enlarge your bedroom. You can also add shabby chic rugs to decorate the floor and you can do it with a carpet with simple decorative details. In addition, the bows and large cushions with bows will complete the decoration of your bed especially when you combine the colors and when you choose appropriate pastels.

These are reader choosen ideasshabby chic rugs