Step Stool Chair That You Can Make Yourself

Folding Step Stool Chair

Step stool chair – If there is a reason why everything that has to do with the abbreviations DIY triumphs in the network is because they are ideas that allow you to save money, as well as bring out the ingenuity and creativity of anyone. Even if you did not know you had them. For example, did you plan to make your own chairs, poufs or stool chair? They are indispensable pieces in any home and, in addition, we usually renew them little since, for example, a good chair is not cheap.

The first step is obvious, is to remove the original step stool chair fabric with the help of the screwdriver and leave the structure alone. Once we have the structure of the chair clean and naked, we must begin to entangle the colored strings. At this point, more than trying to explain with words step by step, I find it more enlightening to go fixing on the photographs, to see how they are intertwining the strings of colors to the example chair.

Note that it has a horizontal bar between the step stool chair seat and the backrest that plays a fundamental role when it comes to passing the rope. On the other hand, try to tighten the ropes well and make very strong knots to support the weight of a person. Do you like the idea?

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