Take Advantage Of Corner Armoire

Corner Armoire Closet

Embedded or not, its main purpose is to give use to those spaces that we gave for lost when it came to decorating a room: corners. And it is that it is not little that is possible to store in this angle of 90º that separates a piece of furniture and another one in conventional sideboards. Placing a corner armoire is always an excellent option to break with straight lines of a bedroom. Another way to take advantage of spaces is to use blocks that divide bedroom as storage places.

In addition to a closet-dresser, also serves as a vertical sideboard, with consoles in its upper and lower part, and a clear center that we can decorate to our liking. With a white lacquered appearance, touch of color is provided by strip that borders closet handles horizontally.

If we talk about a corner cupboard that is not embedded against wall, but rather L- shaped cornered at one end of bedroom, sides are exposed to make them a second source of storage. Said and done. In photography, these have become shelves on which to store first books of little girl who is about to arrive in this bedroom. In second, however, when forming an angle with cradle, it is better to maintain its smooth structure, which we can always renew later.

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